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Is Etikit a Yolo brand?

I have been talking to my brother about launching his apparel brands company for years and would happily do everything in my power to move him towards his goals. He has amazing T shirt designs and aspirations of fulfilling a life long dream to set his own course and future. But, to date it is still that: a hope and dream that keeps getting delayed by everyday life and commitments. What if Etikit got a little help and was ready to say: "Yolo, Let's finally do this everyday" We all know that for every successful brand that there are 1000's failures. But does that mean it can't work and maybe the failures aren't the brands but the approach leading up to the successes. A brand can be for everyone. Well, almost everyone and that's' the key. When looking at successful brands you see 10 common traits and I challenge Etikit show how they stack up in these areas.

1. They have a focus. Deciding what your key message is and sticking to it can help you to carve out a niche. The best personal brands are very specific and focused in their messaging. What is Etikit's focus?

2. They are genuine.

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