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Find your future; it won’t come looking for you.

Do you want to set big goals in life?

If you want to accomplish anything in life you need to first become clear on the specifics. The only way to do this is to write it down and tell someone about it. This process makes you accountable to yourself and makes an idea tangible, real, and attainable. Many people go through life without actually living their dreams and ambitions because they aren't willing to put in the work. The work requires you to not only dream up an idea but to build a plan and share the ideas with others. Only after you do this can you become clear on how to proceed next.

How do you plan and execute an idea?

Planning always starts with a problem statement where you measure your future accomplishments or actions against the original problem. This helps you to analyze whether or not your actions have helped you reach your objectives.

Should I plan daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly?

The answer is simple. Yes! But, it is important to start with long-term goals and work backward. You can't set a daily plan until you know the big picture of your monthly and quarterly plan. (note: do yourself a favor and start with monthly goals before you try and tackle quarterly planning)

How do I plan better?

First, write down weekly and quarterly goals and objectives that you set. You should categorize your weekly and monthly goals as important, not important, urgent, or not urgent as this helps to prioritize your action items.

Always reserve time for your important and not urgent items because these are ones that you are always putting off because something urgent or not important will block you from your actual goals. These are the thing in life that if you don't accomplish will leave you with the most regret or consequences for your non-action.

Next, before the start of each day write down the action items with specific times in a calendar to get you toward your weekly goals. Repeat the same process on the 1st of each month to ensure that you have the right amount of time going towards your big picture or quarterly plan.

How do I keep myself on track?

The answer is simple as well but don't begin this step until you have written it down for yourself. Every day tell someone else a brief 1 or 2 min overview of what you worked on yesterday, what you will be working on today and any problems or impediments that you face in reaching your goals. This will create the accountability that you need to keep yourself honest about actually completing your tasks.

These tips should help you attain a more productive and fulfilling life because you will have spent the time necessary to find the right future. The future will always come looking for you but you can own your future if you are diligent and committed to your plans and the actions that create your results.

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