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What do I know about Yolo?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There have been times in my life when I have realized that life is short and can be taken away from us in an instant. In the past, I have used this time for reflection and say to myself that I am going to live better, eat better, and dream bigger.

The problem is that what follows is the same set of circumstances and I fall back into the grind or the monotony of life only until the next time. This is exactly the opposite of what should happen because those who live with intention and purpose can right the ship and change course to live a life filled with Yolo experiences.

To me, similar to carpe diem, the phrase you only live once is usually a saying that is followed by some spontaneous act that gives me courage. But, what if Yolo was set with planned intention and not a spontaneous decision.

I'm going to set out to create a series of Yolo's that I wish to experience in life to give me the confidence to live the best life possible. These actions will have positive impact and make a difference in the lives of my friends, family, and others.

A Yolo is different from a bucket list in that a Yolo can be a part of your everyday life and not just an outrageous experience or glimpse in time. When all of us look back on our lives there would be no regret if our actions and experiences were done intentionally knowing that there may not be another chance or next time. An intentional Yolo is planning your future to experience your best life and have the presence of mind to act with confidence when things go wrong.

It's funny how the simple act of writing something down and telling others generally leads to a good outcome rather than another I could have, would have, or should have moment.

I suggest posting a past Yolo moment or future Yolo aspiration here to help you or others create the confidence to set the right goals and intentions.

My first Yolo is building this website. Why not?

What is yours?

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