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What is Etikit's Identity?

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Etikit offers life lessons through blogs and articles to help achieve a fulfilling and meaningful journey that isn't constrained by social norms that lead to stress and mediocracy. Lessons are tied to only the best products promoted which help achieve the goals that are consistent with the mission. Etikit is altruistic at its core with a mission to sell products that promote the well-being of other people.

What is Etikit's focus?

"Etikit’s current focus is creating unique designs for t-shirts. Etikit uses minimalist design with complimentary colors on excellent fitting and comfortable t-shirts for men, women, and children. We hope to branch out into manufacturing clothing, again with an emphasis on minimalist design while producing quality clothing and wears of all kinds." Ryan Schoen

How is Etikit authentic?

"Being genuine is one of the most important parts of life. If we aren’t genuine then what are we doing? Producing clothing that makes people notice without being overbearing we think shows our authenticity." Ryan Schoen

What is Etikit's Story and Content?

"The idea of Etikit came about from 2 friends that as children were always brainstorming on what they would call their “brand” if they created one. Etikit was a perfect name as the 2 friends really embraced having etiquette in all facets of life. Doing the right thing and good things for others and not expecting recognition or anything in return. Altruism is what we were trying to attain I believe. " Ryan Schoen

How is Etikit consistent?

"Etikit is consistent by producing interesting designs that get attention without trying to get attention if that makes sense. " Ryan Schoen

What have you failed at?

"I have failed at trying to produce my own designs with screen-printing.

Screen printing is hard and requires a ton of time and effort to perfect the process. The amount of free time dwindles with age and there are companies out there now that create custom clothing for start up companies like Etikit at an affordable price that weren’t around 5-10 years ago. " Ryan Schoen

How does Etikit create an impact?

"Etikit creates an impact by creating artistic content for their brand that inspire other artists and people to create something of their own. " Ryan Schoen

Who is Etikit's example?

"Etikit’s examples are other start up clothing brands and established ones that create new products every year. Companies like Merica Clothing, Vans, and Levis. " Ryan Schoen

How do you live and who is Etikit?

"I live Etikit every single day. Altruism is still in my heart and helps me make the decisions in my life on a daily basis. Etikit is altruistic at its core. " Ryan Schoen

Thanks Yolo

Ryan Schoen

"The root of happiness is altruism - the wish to be of service to others." The Dalai Lama.

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